For the children, youth, adults, care partners and families who have taken the time to participate in research, we thank you.

When you agree to share your results with other researchers, you become part of something bigger. Something that is providing faster and better outcomes for patients. Together, across our Integrated Discovery Programs, and with our patient and community advisory members, we have created a series of videos and podcast to acknowledge your contribution to transforming health for people with brain disorders. Discovery starts with you.

  • Webinar

    Learn how a team of researchers and clinicians were able to share data and study sleep, mental health, and quality of Life in children with neurodevelopmental disorders.

  • Video

    What happens to my data when I participate in an OBI funded study?

  • Podcast

    Perspectives from three women on why people participate in research: the care partner, the researcher and the research student

  • Podcast

    Youth Participation in Research and Leaving a Data Legacy

  • Presentation

    Why does science take so long? by Dr. Samantha Yammine aka Science Sam

  • Blog

    We Go Further Together: Discovery Starts With You


Webinar by mim studio from the Noun Project

Podcast by Adrien Coquet from the Noun Project

Video by Aybige from the Noun Project


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Canadian Biomarker Integrated Network in Depression


Childhood Cerebral Palsy Discovery Network


The Epilepsy Research Program of the Ontario Brain Institute


Province of Ontario Neurodevelopmental Disorder Network


Concussion Ontario Network

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Ontario Neurodegenerative Diseases Research Institute